On the Styx (4th int. run)

The gods of Olympus have fallen on hard times. It is the era of cynicism. Faith is hard to come by and their stories have become funny anecdotes and theatre plays, rather than dogma. Without priests, temples or followers, using their divine influence on the world is more difficult every day. At 'On the Styx' you will play one of the Greek gods, in their current physical incarnations. While some of them have adjusted to the modern era with a job and a life, all of them are struggling to come to terms with their growing irrelevance. Immortality has become a curse rather than a blessing. Something has to change... This is a cooperative game for a mixed Dutch and International audience, to be played in English. It is light on rules and intended to be focused on intense interpersonal play with a hint of soap opera.


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  • Georganiseerd door: Evolution Events
  • Datum: 23-7-2021 tot 26-7-2021
  • Plaats evenment: Neer