SevCol 10: Orphans of the Sky

SevCol is a Live Action Roleplaying Game, which takes place on a spaceship in the 24th century solar system (and beyond). To create this spaceship, various simulation software will be used, and extended with all sorts of hardware to create an immersive space travel experience. After two months of basic patrol and intelligence gathering, SevCol calls on the Crew of the SCSS Celestra once again. SevCol Intelligence has decided to investigate the claims of Mutants on Luna, targets of inhumane experiments by an unknown scientist. The crew of the SCSS Celestra is tasked with investigating the accuracy of the claims, and if true, track down those responsible.


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  • Georganiseerd door: Fabel
  • Datum: 23-6-2018 tot 24-6-2018
  • Plaats evenment: Enschede