Cult (first run)

Obscurus presents: Cult LARP Love, worship, obey This is your chance to experience living in a cult for 4 days and 5 nights! From the creators of ?Dancing at the Darcy?s?: a tough 18+ psychological brainwashing experience in a comfortable and safe surrounding. Cult is the international rerun of the successful Dutch larp 'Kinderen van Amon' (2016) Testimonials of the previous run: ?One of these events you take with you forever.? ?This was one continuous flow of incredible play and very intense scenes.? ?The best larp weekend in my life. Really good writers and game designers, as far as I can tell the finest I know.? Bookings open on Wednesday October 11th 19:00


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  • Georganiseerd door: Obscurus
  • Datum: 20-6-2018 tot 23-6-2018
  • Plaats evenment: De Schiphorst (Drenthe)